Past Exhibition: North & South

A North + South Commission: The North + South Project is staged across six unique exhibitions, in galleries at the northern and southernmost ends of England, it features over thirty artists, including fifteen new commissions.

Title: Motley Assortment

It's about Englishness in the 21st century - With a background as a painter knowledge of colour has been added to DNA images - allocating colours to each depending on history of origin.


Sites for DNA collection - 12 sites were found for this project
Volunteer's DNA - 87 samples were collected
Consent form and data capture
Scientific apparatus and procedures
Microscope, camera and software programme
Printouts Gallery Space - Millais Gallery, Southampton Solent University.

Participant's parents: English and Dutch   

Participant has English, Germany & Unknown origins   

New! Coming an opportunity to have your own DNA image produced in various artworks - please contact the artist…